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The final result was well worth the effort, but the hairstyle at Rodarte wasn’t accomplished easily! According to Aveda, who co-sponsored and styled the show, lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert created nearly 14 looks before discovering the perfect coif. During the hair test, models were coming in to get fitted for their boots (each pair had to wrap around their calves just right) and after watching dressers lace one leg after another mihalis , Gilbert was suddenly inspired. Incorporating the lacing of the boots into the hair, the creative coiffeur wove elastic into models’ chignons after prepping strands with Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener (out in July). But that’s not all: A day before the show, a handful of models got semi-permanent color applied to their strands at Aveda’s new SoHo salon (212-524-2400). Backstage, they then got their just-treated tresses colored even more with a pigmented dry shampoo spray. Aveda, of course, offered post-show color removal plus their Dry Remedy moisturizing treatment to refresh hair. However, backstage at the show replica designer bags , Coco Rocha confided that she was nonetheless relieved not to have to endure the process. “I asked them if they were going to make my hair redder and they said no and I was like, good! Good answer,” she told me with a laugh. —Emily Hebert – Continue Reading Below Click here to see the Fall 2009 Fashion Week Roundup

High-Maintenance Hair at Rodarte

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