However they may need to have students family’s fill out a

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What should I be charging for my services

Organize your company and apply to the e rate program as a service provider. canada goose outlet store quebec Or work with a consultant that can get you and the school into erate. Many consultants also help schools for a cut of the discount the schools get (3 5% for the erate award is common) In many cases the government via the erate program will cover 40 60% of the bill.As far as pricing I would be billing at 4 5k a month based on what you have listed. That would cost canada goose outlet in montreal the school out of pocket about 2 3k a month with Uncle Sam picking up the rest.Yes private schools can and canada goose outlet usa do get erate money.With erate you will get an I’d number (SPIN) and either the feds can pay you (slower pay out) or the feds can canada goose outlet store calgary reimburse the school (what I suggest so if the school slacks on filling out paperwork and meeting deadlines you still got your money and that’s their loss)For real don’t let them hustle you their is a reason they don’t have staff or a family member or intern doing this work.Keep in canada goose outlet paypal mind in taking erate money their are some requirements you need canada goose outlet montreal to implement on their network in canada goose outlet black friday regards to content filtering (pfsense can handle this with a subscription to a filtering service easy).First make sure your company has an EIN (federal tax number).Go to the schools and library sign up page and complete the form.In a few days you will get a response and canada goose outlet canada be issued a SPIN.Besides some simple canada goose outlet new york city reporting you need to do that’s it.On the schools side they have a similar process but also some qualification steps to determine how much/percentage in erate canada goose outlet sale funds they will get. The school will canada goose outlet florida need information about the canada goose outlet jackets population it serves. Luckily with many states giving grants/Tuition assistance to lower poverty students a lot of the documentation they will need they may already have. However they may need to have students family’s fill out a questionnaire. He will do end canada goose outlet us to end consulting canada goose vest outlet on getting them enrolled in the erate program. I believe he charges 5% of the savings the school gets from erate as his fee. He will take the school thru the whole process.I have a school with high wealth student population that I doubted they would qualify but John got them approved for 40%. Another high property charter school I work with got 60%. And a charter school canada goose outlet belgium run by canada goose outlet in uk an Indian tribal organization I work with got even higher.Good luck and canada goose outlet buffalo PM me if u need some more assistance. We have all been paying into erate (that click to investigate surcharge on all telecom bills for the last 3 plus decades) time for you and your customers to canada goose outlet price take advantage.As far as working with schools don’t make the mistake we made early on and charge to little. Some schools will have no problem spending 40k + on a basketball court floor or buy canada goose uk other non essential things as far as education goes. Proper it infrastructure and services are critical to modern education. Make sure you have good logging, filtering and auditing systems (cyber bullying, porn, harassment, social media issues).We find our support issues outside of new equipment canada goose outlet 80 off rollouts usually are bandwidth/network infrastructure related or issues with technology miss use in which case the school needs to produce logs/audit access.I strongly recommend you use a type of RADIUS to connect users with devices for BYOD so your logs are meaningful. For school owned multi user devices have centralized logins so you can identify which kid/staff uploaded the teachers upskirt pic to social media using the lab/library computer.

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