I will wake up every day and fight for policies that put Maine

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Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!An SNP member who followed a group of Tories around in her van and blared music at them as they canvassed at the last general election has been fined Lorna Taylor cranked up the volume of a song called Hope over Fear so loud that it disturbed a baby in the house she had stopped outside.Taylor visit this page https://www.replicabagonline.com , 53, filmed the incident on her mobile phone as the Tory team walked round the former pit village of Cowie, Stirlingshire on May 25 last year.’On you go, I’ll no knock ye doon’ Watch independence supporter target Tories in BannockburnIt happened three days after 22 people were killed when the Manchester Arena was bombed.Taylor, who is no longer a member of the SNP, claimed she thought campaigning by was still suspended at the time. In fact, it had begun again locally that day.Tory canvassers Gregor and Jeremy McDonald were out with other members of the party just before 8pm on the day when they became aware of Taylor driving a white Renault van along the street.When he asked her to turn the music down, she refused, Stirling Sheriff Court was told.When the canvassers walked across the street, Taylor followed, driving slowly close to them.Miss Campbell said: “The manner of driving is described as being ‘intimidating’, such that the two gentlemen crossed the road as they were concerned about possibly being struck by the van.”Throughout this, the accused continued to use her mobile phone to film what she was doing.”Police traced her at her home, when she admitted being the driver.Yesterday, Taylor, of Cowie, pled guilty to threatening and abusive behaviour and using a hand held mobile while driving.Ruth Davidson slammed by Labour and Lib Dems for ‘playing games’ on devolutionStephen Maguire, defending, said Taylor was a “very passionate” nationalist.He added: “She was a member of the SNP. She is no longer a member.”As a consequence of what happened and the publicity it generated, she was extremely shamefaced and embarrassed and apologised to her own party and her own MP, very much regretting the disrepute her behaviour brought.”The Tories took the seat of Stirling, which Cowie lies in, from the SNP at the on June 8 by just 148 votes.Sheriff Wyllie Robertson fined Taylor and ordered that six points be put on her licence.He said: “If her motivation was to criticise people she thought were committing some offence against a period of mourning, it’s a bit incongruous for her to be going around the streets blaring music out of her vehicle..

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