If he is your friend he should understand and change his

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Films, this 2018 Solo runs very low on humour. The protagonist’s quintessentially sassy demeanour takes a complete backseat. Sadly even Chewbacca’s usual quips (relayed in the form of Wookie grunts) are conspicuously missing. Before formally joining CBS News in 2002 as “60 Minutes II” correspondent, Logan already had 14 years of journalism experience, including 10 years in the international broadcast news arena. She served as a correspondent for GMTV, the weekday morning news program of Great Britain’s ITV (2000 ’02), and as a freelance correspondent for CBS NewsRadio, a role that included occasional appearances on the CBS Evening News. Logan reported on the war in Afghanistan, Middle East violence, the Mozambique floods, the land invasions in Zimbabwe and the India earthquake.

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