It completely endless how many different types of canada goose

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theory suit

canada goose outlet online store Okay so my idea of Eclipsa being Moon Mom is now debunked thanks to the latest episode Page Turner but Glossaryck mentioning that Eclipsa is Moon Great canada goose jacket outlet great canada goose outlet online uk great great great great great great grandmother, it made me wonder if my Suit Linage holds true canada goose outlet online store

canada goose outlet florida (Heart > Club > Spade > Diamond > canada goose outlet store Heart, repeat) canada goose outlet florida

canada goose outlet online reviews So I was thinking about the paladins suits. Do you remember back in the pilot episode where they first go to official canada goose outlet gear address up? Hunk is very concerned about the suit fitting him. canada goose outlet uk Seeing them displayed in their cases I realized that they are all exactly the same size and length. Aside from the main color, every single one of the paladins armor is the exact same. canada goose outlet online reviews

canada goose outlet real Do you know what this means? It is more than likely that the suits morph to whoever wears them. Obviously all of the paladins have different body shapes and sizes, not to mention different canada goose outlet parka heights. Therefore their respective suits have to be different sizes and lengths. Just imagine them slipping into these standard sized body suits. Pidge would be so big and canada goose outlet canada so long, that as soon as she stepped into it her body suit would shrink itself to fit her perfectly. Likewise Hunk suit could expand as soon as he touches it. Seeing as he might not even be able to get into it at its current size. And since the paladins armor consist of two separate pieces (the body suit underneath and all the armor that goes on top) then they have to be connected in some way. canada goose outlet real

canada goose outlet online uk This is alien technology we talking about. So just think of the body suits being connected canada goose outlet reviews to the outer armor pieces. As soon as the paladins don their body suits, the armor will automatically shrink or expand to fit the measurements of the body suit. Seeing as our current paladins are all humans (aside from Keith being half Galra) we have to remember that it more than likely all of the previous paladins were alien. So that means very different body types with the possibilities of extra appendages, horns and tentacles. It completely endless how many different types of canada goose factory outlet aliens there are. canada goose outlet online uk

So my point here is, that the paladins suits are one major badass piece of canada goose outlet nyc alien technology. Altean and Galra technology if you really think about it. Seeing as Alfor and Zarkon founded team Voltron canada goose outlet store together, and the suits are kept canada goose outlet black friday in the castle of lions.

It even possible that the suits are made of some kind of organic material. Similar to the mech hybrid Pidge creates in Season 2 Episode 4.

canada goose outlet canada Maybe I reading too much into suits that are simply meant to be badass and functional. But I like to think my theory is at least close to the mystery that is the paladins armor. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet winnipeg Another Example of Tony Stark Being Extra canada goose outlet winnipeg

canada goose jacket outlet sale So, people have raised the idea that because in IW the Iron Spider suit was stored in 17 A, it was meant for Peter 17th birthday (assuming Peter wasn yet seventeen in IW), and yeah, that seems like the kind of thing Tony Stark would do, but I feel like we overlooking the obvious here: canada goose jacket outlet sale

He said 17 A

canada goose outlet buffalo If the Iron Spider suit was the only canada goose outlet uk sale thing he had for Peter 17th birthday, he wouldn have needed to specify A. That means that Tony potentially has up to 25 more presents for Peter 17th canada goose outlet store uk birthday alone. Anywhere between 1 and 25 more things like the Iron Spider suit that Tony was planning on giving him when he turned 17. canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet eu It was probably: one (1) car; three (3) unannounced prototypes of StarkPhones/StarkPads; no less than ten (10) potential upgrades for his regular suit if he turned down the Iron Spider again; and another car for good measure. canada goose outlet eu

Imagine what he has in storage for Peter 18th.

Imagine all of those collecting dust now that Peter is dust

canada goose outlet vancouver Jonah Beck is secretly a Golden Retriever in a human suit: A theory canada goose outlet vancouver

canada goose outlet store montreal This isn something to get too excited about either way. It just a theory and, as we all know, theories involve some guess work (and taking a leap of faith or two ;)). No canada goose outlet jackets one who doesn work on the show can truly know if this theory is accurate or not. No one. canada goose outlet store montreal

canada goose outlet website legit But it fun to speculate, don you think? canada goose outlet website legit

canada goose outlet uk Let jump into it. canada goose outlet uk

The origins of this theory started when I noticed a lot of tumblr posts referring to Jonah puppy dog eyes and puppy dog face and general puppy dog aura. It made me start to wonder: what is it about him that reminds people of a puppy dog?

canada goose outlet in vancouver Then I started to really think about it. Perhaps it more than just his face. Perhaps there is something under the surface that is the real cause of this. Something Jonah Beck can hide: his true nature. canada goose outlet in vancouver

I collected a lot of evidence; some very strong, some a canada goose black friday sale bit weaker, and even some that goes against the theory. In the sake of fairness, I present them all to you here:.

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