One of Rodrigo’s most dramatic surgeries was having four ribs

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purse replica handbags Now I totally understand that some in the christian faith (and other faiths) are completely horrified by this idea. It goes against their beliefs. I get that. HomeTVTV NewsCelebrity Big BrotherRodrigo Alves 7a replica bags wholesale reveals he can’t SMELL or breathe through his nose after plastic surgery as fans spot epic fake tan failIn a frank discussion about the bogs Human Ken Doll Rodrigo revealed high replica bags what perhaps could be a good asset in a house with this bunchRecently released snaps of Rodrigo show exactly what he looked like before surgery.And you can see the much thinner nose, plumped up lips and bleach blond hair.His eyebrows are perfectly preened and he’s changed his eyes from a deep brown to light blue by wearing best replica designer bags contacts.One of Rodrigo’s most dramatic surgeries was having four ribs removed all so that his blazers would fit better.The 35 year old said he was so sick of having to have his blazers altered so they’d fit perfectly that he had some of his ribs removed to change his shape.He originally wanted SIX ribs taken out, but no doctor would do it.Rodrigo began having plastic surgery high quality replica bags in a bid to look just like Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.Since then, he’s had liposuction, a hair transplant, pec implants, and more.He’s even hinted that he’ll have a sex change when he’s older saying he’d “rather be a sexy old lady best replica designer than a saggy old man”.But he’s told people in the past: “Don’t judge me on my appearance. There is more to me than just how I look.”Rodrigo, who now has a 20 inch waist, said on This Morning earlier this year: “I visited three different doctors two in Europe and one in America. They said I can only do four [ribs and not six as he wanted] purse replica handbags.

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