She believed that Pakistan now deserves the trophy

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china The nation needed this victory to boost their spirits, she said.When the match ended in an emphatic Pakistani victory, some locals came out onto the streets to celebrate and could be seen hanging out of their cars waving flags and chanting patriotic slogans.While some flocked to Sea View and started dancing on the roads, others were headed towards different places in the city, some with busted silencers to increase the noise of their vehicles to mark the team’s performance.Avid cricket follower Zarmina was delighted with the win and was confident that the green shirts could go on to become world champions for a second time. She believed that Pakistan now deserves the trophy. Zarmina added that as a cricketing nation, many had written off Pakistan as they had not only lost our best bowlers, but also lacked a steady batting line up. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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