The wood frame building, pictured here behind the train, was

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The woman’s age, treatment year, and number of eggs retrieved all had non linear relations with the probability of a live birth so were modelled using restricted cubic splines. Effect estimates were presented for the interquartile range (25th v 75th centile values, or 75th v 25th centile values).18A manual backward selection process was used to determine the final multivariable discrete time logistic regression model to predict live birth over successive complete cycles of IVF or ICSI. In this procedure, complete cycle number, the woman’s age, duration of infertility, and number of eggs collected (for post treatment model only) were always included and could not be removed because these are known predictors of pregnancy outcomes after IVF.12 All of the other available predictors (listed as baseline characteristic) were subjected to the selection process.

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